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I identified personally with the issues in Mending Fences, but while I had no experience with the trials in Finding Refuge, I still felt as though I could bond with the main characters.

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I can't wait to read it. I'm almost sorry I read this so quickly - it just means I'll have to wait longer to hear more from Lucy Francis.

Thank you Lucy, for gifting me this book - but I would have purchased it in any case. Well worth reading - I urge anyone who wants to read something heart-wrenching and just plain real to give both of Ms. Francis' books a go. Travis Holt carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, and his world is more than Atlas can carry.

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Andri Miller moves to Utah to escape a hectic world of a failed engagement and a strained relationship with her mother. The two meet through a mutual friend, and sparks fly. But is the fragile yet beautiful relationship they've built enough to survive the aftermath when Travis' world comes tumbling down?

I really loved this book. Finding Refuge is a touching love story, featuring characters Travis Holt carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, and his world is more than Atlas can carry. Finding Refuge is a touching love story, featuring characters with depth and meat, and lots of conflict. It's a quick summer read that you won't be able to put down! I loved this book. Both of the main characters had flaws - but they were real. You were drawn into the story and the fact that their path to happiness wasn't perfect was very well written.


I loved the progression through the story, even the rough parts that drove our characters apart. My only wish was that we saw a bit more of the soul searching that Travis did, but I appreciated how she showed how they both worked through their issues and came out healthier on the other side. I look forward to I loved this book.

I look forward to reading Rachel's story!! It was alright. I think I liked it slightly better than Mending Fences but I still had a hard time getting invested in the story. Both characters, Travis Holt and Andromeda Andri have their own issues that they must overcome. While they were real and somewhat likable people, I never truly felt connected to them which in turn makes it difficult to really enjoy the book.

Still I think maybe this author has potential and may check out future books from her.

Finding Refuge in “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Much Ado About Nothing” | The New Yorker

A sweet, somewhat sad story with a hopeful ending. I think a lot of people do what Travis does and it was nice that he was able to move on from the bad place he was in emotionally. Like these survivors, we each need to find our sense of purpose, to orient and support ourselves amidst the fragmented pulls of busy, modern life.

Refuge offers support for our journey as we move through joy and sorrow, gain and loss. In refuge, we reaffirm our sacred connection with the world.

Syrians finding refuge in Africa as war at home grinds on

Refuge is not necessarily religious. Refuge can be as simple as making conscious our trust in a lineage of teachings. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, dating from ancient Greece. Physicists place their faith in a long lineage of scientists starting with Archimedes, Galileo, Newton and Einstein.

In all our universities and psychological training institutes we find shrines to the lineage of revered and beloved elders, who gaze down from portraits and photos on the wall.

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Like Mirna, most arrive on a temporary visa and go through a detailed vetting process. The application process, which involves in-person interviews and security screenings, theoretically should take up to six months but most cases now take at least a few years, depending on where in the country people are processed.

In , the most recent year for which data is available, 84, people submitted asylum claims in the U. Less than a third of those were granted. It averaged out to less than four hours a day. Yet, the hardest part hasn't been economic hardships. A man holds up a sign at a rally in solidarity for refugees in New York, NY.

Today, they are five times higher prior to She also works on teaching members of her community how to speak up in those moments of everyday discrimination. Ogbai Afeworkie found it difficult to adapt to the U. He found peace after he started playing soccer at The Fugees Academy. But they quickly realized that it was not the perfect American dream they had hoped for. At first, Ogbai couldn't write a sentence in English. But life changed after he began attending the Fugees Academy , a school for refugee children in Clarkston, Georgia.

Like Ogbai, the other students are survivors of war. They come from 22 different countries and a variety of religious backgrounds. Another player whose grandmother was raped in front of him. They are like brothers. Majra Gibbon, a refugee herself, is giving back by working with refugees. Here, she is pictured with refugee children in Darfur. She looks like a typical, American year-old. She is tall with long brown hair and has just a hint of a Minnesota accent.

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Majra graduated from college in and, after considering a career as a professional basketball player, chose to take an internship with the American Refugee Committee. A few months after graduating, she boarded a plane to Darfur, Sudan to visit the Kalma refugee camp while working on a project proposal. Majra was born in Zenica, Bosnia, in She was 4-years-old in when the Bosnian War began and has vivid memories of living in conflict.

I remember my building got bombed. The building across from us got bombed. I remember the ambulance — them carrying the bodies out.

No one in the world cared about us.