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I made an appointment to go to see a Youth Employment Officer near St. It had become plainly obvious that what was needed was a job with as later start as possible.

Classical Greek and Roman Art and Architecture: Concepts, Styles, and Trends

Getting out of bed was a problem. What he saw was a disagreeable little upstart. I had been stonewalled like this before. The signalbox beckoned again. I must have gone in there at the right time, for there were in fact, virtually no other kids looking for work at the time. Almost everyone left school in July, so in January it was very quiet. Suddenly, as I was getting up, he stopped me in my tracks and said. He came back in with a pile of cards in his hand, all seemingly for drawing office work.

He looked at the top one and said.

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He picked up the phone and made an appointment for an interview. I was out of there with the card in my pocket thinking that my parents would be impressed. Especially my father who had frowned upon nearly everything that I previously done; he was more than a little disappointed in me. The firm in question was Riley and Glanfield, which consisted of only seven people. Two partners, two men who were potential partners, two assistants and a secretary.

Then there was me. I think that most kids leave school not knowing what they want to do, but often, like me, they take a few sideways steps before landing on something that is really suitable. Located at Grays Inn, just off Theobalds Road in Holborn, this office was in the area of London frequented mostly by lawyers and solicitors. I strolled down the approach-road to number 6 Raymond Buildings not quite knowing what to expect. At the back of my mind I was not really sure if this was what I wanted, or if I really wanted to leave the railway at all. The lure of the steam engines had quite a pull on my emotions , but the thought of what the job on the railway would do in the longer term was the deciding factor.

I could always turn this down, there was no harm in going along and having a look. Deep down I knew that it was time to get a real job. With both my sisters doing well and staying on at grammar school, with distinct prospects of university looming, my antics had not gone down well. The activities of the son working on the railway did not resonate at all well.

This was my first interview for a proper job. At least I knew that. There was no such thing as a CV in those days, so all that I carried was the card from the Youth Employment Office, and my two certificates. Not much to show, but they were only looking for an office boy. Anyway, they quite quickly saw that I had experience of making tea plenty of that in a signal box. Having had a technical education and done technical drawing my credentials suited fairly well, although most of these types of places looked for kids who had passed A-Levels.

But, the thought of being an Architect sounded good to a year-old, I would take this job. It is worth noting at this stage, the qualifications which are required to begin an Architects course. To the standards of today that is quite easy, but in the years following the war, and right through the fifties there was an acute shortage of professionals in the building industry.

The rebuilding was getting into full flow after that generation had been lost to the war. Some who had started before the hostilities had re-entered the profession but there was one generation missing from those coming through the colleges. In those years, former students and persons with some previous experience could pick up an architectural qualification with the minimum of additional study. Similarly there was a gross shortage of teachers, whereby unqualified people went straight into schools to teach without any previous experience or having the right qualifications.

In architecture, right through to the sixties, anyone over the age of thirty-five, who had been in the profession for a few years, could become an architect by just attending, and being successful at, an interview.

A little later the L was dropped, whereby they merged with the exam-qualified architects. All was controlled by the Royal Institute of British Architects and it was not to be long before things changed again. Nowhere was there any provision for somebody like me who was more of a technical person.

Source Books in Architecture

In , in their wisdom, the RIBA revised their recommendations for the entry qualifications to the colleges of architecture. They brought in the stipulation that two of the academic GCE passes must be at advanced level. This had a profound effect on a mass of young people who entered the profession at the time. They, like me, had come into an industry thinking that another two or three O-Level passes could quickly get them onto the course.

Shooting Both barrels!?! Century arms 12 gauge coach gun!

But now it was not to be. I was put into this office to be with two guys who talked all the time about the great modern architecture. He had done most of this and been in this country for two years. The smell of port in the air was strong as we entered the Burmester Cellar, where we came face-to-face with the huge oak barrels on a tour that ensures you leave feeling like a connoisseur.

And although I'm not a huge fan of port, the white was definitely my favourite. It was crisp, sweet and dry and with an alcohol content, like most ports, of around 20 ABV — it certainly hit the spot. One of the main attractions of cruising is waking up in a different location every day without feeling like you've travelled, and the Spanish city of Vigo on the northwest coast was a beautiful place to do just that. Although this Galician city has a proud heritage, and I would have loved more time to explore it, I was looking forward to taking the day's excursion to Santiago de Compostela, the final stop on the epic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail and one of the most important places in Catholicism, reputed to be the place where St James — one of the twelve Apostles of Christ — is buried.

The Cathedral stands proud in Obradoiro Square and, even for those who are not walking the Camino, watching the pilgrims arrive to the whoops and cheers of their loved ones on the final leg of their epic journeys is a sight to behold. The narrow winding stone streets and tiny shops providing a stunning backdrop to the old cathedral, and an insight into how it would have looked in Medieval times. With just one more stop in Bordeaux before my flight home, another day at sea awaited, and Aegean Odyssey didn't disappoint with a lecture programme that included Christian and Islamic art and architecture in the Iberian Peninsula and Monet: Painter and Gardener.

I left both having done what Voyages to Antiquity promise — understanding more about history and culture. Price includes flights, guided shore excursions, all meals on board, drinks with dinner on board, gratuities and expert guest speakers. See photos images. There's something very special about small ship cruising.

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Guns : Guided and non-guided hunting, bird hunting, sporting clays and dog training are options at the Double Barrel Ranch located less than 30 minutes from the resort. Golf : The Pete Dye Course sits atop some of the highest ground of Indiana and provides a stern test, while the century-old Ross Course, host of the PGA Championship, is one of the best you can play in the architect's portfolio. Guns : The acre shooting range features clay targets using various elevations, distances and trajectories.

It's a particularly popular draw for groups or conferences staying at the West Baden Springs ore French Lick Springs hotels. Golf : Mossy Oak , Old Waverly. Guns : Prairie Wildlife, where I tested my skills in the fall of , also offers an Orvis fly-fishing school, hunting, horseback riding and off-road driving in LandRovers. Its trap and skeet range is surrounded by historical dairy farms, meandering brooks, old-wood forest and secret fishing holes. Golf : Craddock and Hankins , a reversible course. Chief Egan course 9 holes, par 3 , McVeigh's Gauntlet 7 hole extreme course. I wouldn't have lasted long in the Old West, as I'm more accurate with a nine iron than a "Peacemaker".

A Rifleman Range, featuring Western-style offhand shooting, with a variety of firearm options, and a Sharp Shooter Range, simulating long-range buffalo hunter-style shooting, are two other options. In between shots, you can test your martial arts skills by throwing a 'ninja' star. Golf : East course. Golf : Hill Country Golf Club 27 holes. Open public shooting on Thursday and Saturdays includes sporting clays, trap, skeet, five-stand and bunker trap.

Golf : The Golf Club at Equinox. The three-course Kingsmill Resort is nearby. Guns : Go old-school by firing reproduction 18th-century firearms at the Colonial Williamsburg Musket Range.

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Participants ages and-older ages must be with an adult will fire two different flintlock firearms commonly used during the Revolutionary War period and learn some of their history. Golf : Canaan Valley. Guns : This resort only operates its clay-pigeon shooting range from 9 a. Fridays and Saturdays until mid-November when it closes for the winter.