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It is revealed that his wife, Sarah, died seven months prior. Cage was previously a prosecuting attorney in Houston , Texas, where he was involved in the trial and conviction of white supremacist Arthur Lee Hanratty, making himself an enemy in the form of John Portman, fictional FBI director. Cage decides to spend some time in his childhood home, Natchez, Mississippi, so that his parents can help him deal with his and Annie's grief. Cage gets involved in investigating the murder of Delano Payton in , which leads him to reunite with former lover, Olivia "Livy" Marston, who has haunted him since her mysterious disappearance after their high-school graduation.

By the time he goes home, his father is better and has seemingly forgotten the secret, saying there is nothing to say.

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The story happens before Natchez Burning. Cage knows his father is innocent, however, he is not talking. And in order to save his dad, Penn Cage needs to know what really happened on that fateful day when Viola died. The last book in the Natchez Burning trilogy finds Penn all but heartroken because he has lost everything he cared about.

Now his father is on trial and the woman he loves is gone. Greg Iles was born in , in Stuttgart, Germany. His mother was a teacher who constantly instilled in him the love for creativity. Initially, he enrolled in pre-med, but at some point he realized being a doctor is not what he wanted. So he phoned his dad and told him he would not be following in his footsteps. After university, he became a vocalist, a guitarist, and also a songwriter for a band he was in called Frankly Scarlet.

He got married in , and one year later, in , after a disagreement with the band, he decided that constant tours away from home were not suitable to married life. Around this time he started dedicating more of his time to writing.

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He basically decided to spend as many hours per day as it took to write the first book within a year. This turned out to often be 18 yours writing in one single day. Just a few years later, in , his debut novel, Spandau Phoenix , was published featuring Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. The book, a historical thriller, was an instant success and a New York Times Bestseller. I remember reading it back in the day as well, and I was hooked. For the movie, the author also wrote the original script that was titled Trapped as well.

As an interesting trivia, Greg Iles wrote 24 Hours in one week when he was at home sick with the flu. In , Greg Iles had a serious car accident which changed the course of his entire life. If he ever pauses for breath, I plan to tell Holden that while I use an Apple Powerbook myself, we have to be practical on matters of cost.

Her face is so pale that I fear she might be having a heart attack. Holden gives her an annoyed look. They said Kate Townsend. Can that be right? Kate Townsend is the star of the senior class: valedictorian, state champion in both tennis and swimming, full scholarship to Harvard next fall.

We even used her in a TV commercial for the school. I saw Kate on the tennis court at two this afternoon. Holden opens his mouth again but no sound emerges. If a high school senior drowned today, a freak accident seems the only explanation. An indoor pool, maybe? As if details might mitigate the horror of what is upon us.

Because the school has only five hundred students, everyone literally knows everyone else. She called and told me that some fishermen found Kate wedged in the fork of a tree near where St. They thought she might be alive, so they put her in their boat and carried her to the hospital. She was naked from the waist down, Ann said. Shock blanks the faces around the table as everyone begins to absorb the idea that this may not be a conventional accident. It must be somebody else.

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The secretary has always been close to the older students, especially the girls. Jenny Townsend identified her body just a couple of minutes ago. Is Jenny still over there? But then I realize she has a point. The Townsends lost a child to leukemia several years ago, before I moved back to town.

I heard that was what broke up their marriage. Holden takes a cell phone from his coat pocket and dials a number. The other board members sit quietly, their thoughts on their own children, no doubt. How many of them have silently thanked God for the good fortune of not being Jenny Townsend tonight? A cell phone chirps under the table.

Then he tenses like a man absorbing news of a family tragedy. Their home?

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All right. She was dead before she reached the ER.

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Jenny Townsend is on her way home. Tom was seeing a patient when they brought Kate in. Some family and friends are going over there. A woman sobs at the end of the table.

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How he made it into the exchange program is beyond any of us. The charitable view is that this unfortunate child of the Balkan wars has brought confusion and disruption to St. The harsher view is that Marko Bakic uses the mask of prankster to hide more sinister activities like selling Ecstasy to the student body and anabolic steroids to the football team. Bill Sims suggested a random drug-testing program, but this idea was tabled when the board realized that positive tests would probably become public, sabotaging our public relations effort and delighting the board of Immaculate Heart, the Catholic school across town.

The local law enforcement organs have set their sights on Marko, as well, but they, too, have come up empty-handed. If Marko Bakic is dealing drugs, no one is talking about it.

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Not on the record, anyway. Marko Bakic is six-foot-two and lean as a sapling; Ben Ritchie is five-foot-six and built like a cast-iron stove, just like his father, who played football with Drew and me more than twenty years ago. Marko told Ben to kiss his ass. This is a lot more interesting than routine school board business. Ben embarrassed Marko in front of a lot of people. Two other students heard it. Have a gun, I mean.