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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 6 September , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. To survive the harsh winters, you must be like the fox.

What good is power when it just accumulates on the already-powerful? Let the fires cleanse you of your sins. Enchantment Vengeance Cooldown Speed 1. Enchantment Vengeance Cooldown Speed 2. Enchantment Vengeance Damage 1. Enchantment Vengeance Damage 2. Now adds 25 to 37 physical damage to attacks at gem level 1, up to to at gem level Fung tells Kwai that his men were attacked by three Chinese men and one white man.

The four men realize that Fung ordered the hit on Costello's daughter and her family. They head to the dwelling and kill the three attackers but leave Old Five alive, who telephones Fung reporting what had happened.

India: Lady doctor burns woman, son to death in act of vengeance

Fung then contacts Kwai, explaining that Costello's son-in-law was handing over Fung's financial reports to the police, and that he only ordered his men to kill the parents. Kwai replies that his syndicate has switched their loyalty from Fung to Costello as a matter of honor.

Later that night, Fung sends more killers to Kwai's refuge in order to eliminate Kwai's syndicate. A gunfight ensues, with the four men emerging victorious. As they escape, Kwai's syndicate lose track of Costello, who is walking through a crowded street, seemingly lost in the night rain. He pulls out the Polaroid pictures that he took of the hitmen earlier, and tries to find them in the crowd. They meet again, but it becomes evident that Costello has a problem with his memory, and has rapidly forgotten who his friends are, but also what he is doing. The hitmen try to explain to Costello that he is seeking revenge for his daughter, but Costello does not recognize her, nor does he understand the concept of revenge.

The three men give up in despair, and take him to a beach where they meet a pregnant woman Michelle Ye with a group of children. Kwai gives her a stack of money and ask her to take care of Costello.


Kwai's syndicate return to Macau because they lost contact with Kwai's cousin Tony who supplies their ammunition. When they reach the landfill where Tony is living, they find him and his partner dying as they were tortured by Fung and his gang. Soon, a large group of assassins sent by Fung show up and a gunfight ensues. Kwai, Chu and Fat Lok are killed. Costello and the pregnant woman learn of the shootout during a news report. The next day, Fung is having tea in a public square surrounded by his subordinates.

He sees a beautiful woman Kwai's pregnant friend having tea in the same square. As he tries to get her attention, a large group of children come asking him to buy charity stickers. The children place stickers on Fung and his men. The pregnant woman leaves the square and meets up with Costello, then tells him that the man back in the square with the most number of stickers is Fung. Costello thanks her, makes his way to the square and begins to shoot a great many of the guards as well as Fung as chaos ensues.

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However, Fung turns out to be wearing a bulletproof vest. His subordinates help him run away from Costello, who gives chase on foot. As Costello walks, he checks the bystanders for stickers, which tips Fung off to the fact that Costello does not actually recognize him, apart from the stickers he is wearing.

Fung removes the stickers from his coat, and puts them on the jacket of a subordinate instead. This causes Costello to shoot Fung's subordinate. Fung then removes his coat with all the stickers and runs off. Costello picks up the trenchcoat and shoots more subordinates who get in his way. Fung is finally the last surviving member, so he attempts to walk nonchalantly by Costello, relying on the Frenchman's inability to recognize him without the coat, but as he is walking by, Costello sees a sticker on Fung's tie.

Both men shoot at each other. Fung is hit and Costello demands that he put the coat on, which Fung refuses, so Costello shoots him in the leg. Fung puts the coat on, Costello checks the bullet holes in the coat and sees that they align with the bullets stuck in the bullet-proof vest he was wearing. Costello then stands up and fires a round into Fung's head, killing him. Costello is last seen eating and laughing with the woman and children. Thompson, Irene's husband and the father of her two children. The crew for Vengeance were based mainly in Hong Kong, and were previous contributors of To's previous films: Cheng Siu-Keung served as a cinematographer; Stanley Cheung served as a costume designer; during post-production Martin Chappell served as a sound editor, while David M.

The couple mentioned Alain Delon as a possibility for the lead role. He met with Delon, who had expressed his interest in working with To, and To promised to meet with Delon once a film treatment was written. Delon, however, was no longer interested in the project. While Hallyday was a fan of his films, To had never heard of Hallyday.

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The producers gave To footage from Hallyday's concert performances along with a copy of the French film The Man on the Train , in which Hallyday co-starred. After viewing the given footage, To had expressed that he had enjoyed the film, but was more impressed with Hallyday's concert performances. Upon their first meeting, To decided that Hallyday would be perfect in the lead role. Production plans were nearly put to a halt when To was hired to remake the French crime film Le Cercle rouge , meaning that Vengeance would not be made until Hallyday was ecstactic about meeting with the director once again, and prepared for his role by viewing several of To's previous films, before making his first visit to Hong Kong, where he would get the chance to meet with his co-stars.

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The cast and crew of the film began with a celebration on the rooftop of the Milkyway Image studio in Kwun Tong , Hong Kong. For To, filming Vengeance differed from his usual style of filmmaking.

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While he is used to improvising his scenes as a director, Vengeance marked the first time that To had to work with a complete shooting script since the producers demanded that the story and dialogue already be written. Hallyday was the only actor to have read the script, while Anthony Wong had knowledge of the story. To explained that his purpose was to "keep the actors natural and spontaneous.

They don't have time to create something. They're given a situation and they act it right away. Vengeance was first released in France on 20 May Vengeance was also released in other Asian countries, including Malaysia on 27 August ; Taiwan on 31 October ; and Singapore on 5 November Vengeance has received generally positive reviews from film critics.

Vengeance first received praise from several critics who attended the screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Hallyday holds the screen while Mr. To shakes it up. But the To poetry keeps breaking through: a gun battle in a city park stops and starts as clouds pass before the moon. Negative reviews had critics comparing Vengeance to To's previous films. Lee Marshall of Screen International wrote, "What's really lacking in Vengeance is the narrative inventiveness which lifted films like Breaking News or PTU out of the Hong Kong crime genre box and turned them into arthouse crossover items.

Vengeance was released in Belgium seven days after its release in France. During the next three weeks of its release, Vengeance continued a decrease in revenue as well as the number of theatres screening the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vengeance Theatrical release poster. Milkyway Image. Hong Kong portal s portal film portal.

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