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  7. Canada's last witch trials: Women accused of fake witchcraft.
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    Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Woman 'turned to spells' after being accused of FGM on daughter. US politics. A witch explains how he told his churchgoing family about his paganism. The world's first albino beauty contest held in Kenya Albino campaign group says contest is to help fight the persecution they face in East Africa.

    Mother on trial accused of leaving baby daughter to die on beach. Believing in witchcraft can slow economic progress, researcher finds. The fascinating story of the mother of modern witchcraft. The aid worker who saved a 'witch child' from starvation speaks out. Witch and warlock dispute ends up in court over harassment claims.

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    Salem witchcraft hanging site discovered by historical researchers. Jane Wenham — Witch of Walkern, review: A shrewd and compelling play. Tower of London staff 'used magic to repel the forces of the Devil'. Surge in number of child abuse cases involving witchcraft accusations. Many witches find another limitation imposed on their craft is their acute sense of those around them, as they can easily sense and suffer from the negative emotions of others.

    Despite this witches were used during the Great War - supplementing their limited power by creating "war locks"; Linked witches whose shared power was greater than any one, and the process for which Warlocks were mistakenly named. Unlike other types of magicians, there are two organizations for witches; the relatively powerful Sisterhood for female witches and the much weaker Brotherhood for male witches.

    While warlockry was originally mistakenly named for the war locks formed by witches for large uses of power during the Great War, it has been discovered that witches can draw power from warlocks, using the warlocks nigh-unlimited strength to supplement their own power. This discovery was originally made by Teneria of Fishertown , who remains the leading expert on the practice and has performed some remarkable feats of witchcraft by being able to bolster her personal strength by drawing on warlocks.

    Canada's last witch trials: Women accused of fake witchcraft - BBC News

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